Sanitary Popcorn Lids

Kernel king bucket with lid
A Sanitary Solution

Everyone wants their food to be clean and safe to eat, and few of us can remember a time when cleanliness and sanitation were more important then they are now.

Here at Kernel King, we have discovered an ingenious method of helping to further this objective: Kernel Kover sanitary popcorn lids, a great help in keeping concession areas — as well as the popcorn itself — clean and safe.

The Pursuit of Cleanliness

Concession stand workers wear plastic gloves as an extra safety measure when they fill buckets with popcorn. The popcorn remains protected and under hot lights until it is served, helping to preserve taste and minimize germs.

But even with the strict and consistent use of gloves, the truth is that the less contact anyone has with food, the safer that food is to consume. Thus, when you allow moviegoers to add their own toppings to the popcorn instead of requiring servers to do it, this cuts a step out of the process, increasing safety and saving time.

How to Minimize Contact

Liquid toppings such as butter flavor can be housed in a dispenser with a push button that customers can lean on with an arm or elbow, cutting down on germ transmission. These buttons dispense a predetermined amount of topping, requiring extra pushes for extra topping, therefore also helping to save money on products that might otherwise be wasted while increasing safety.

Just one cleaning person can handle the entire self-service bar, wiping down buttons, handles, containers, and flat surfaces frequently. This extra step helps ensure customers that you care about and are dedicated to their health, safety, and well-being.

Kernel Kover Shields Kernels

The Kernel Kover itself is also a valuable tool in keeping the popcorn safe. Walking through a crowded theater with a big, open bucket of popcorn can allow germs to get on the food. One errant cough or sneeze from a single patron could contaminate dozens of buckets of popcorn.

Instruct your customers to snap the sanitary popcorn cover on the bucket tightly after adding their seasonings, making the trip from the concession stand to their seat infinitely less risky.

Once customers settle into their seats with their popcorn, it’s safe to remove the lid, since everyone is facing the same way in the theater, and the popcorn is in the lap of the person who will be eating it.

Setting Yourself Apart

These are the kinds of extra steps that make consumers feel safer. They help them to understand which movie theaters care about their health and happiness and which are simply out to make a profit.

Local moviegoers will get used to associating your theater with cleanliness, and better-tasting popcorn. They can even pop the sanitary popcorn lid back on the bucket at the end of the movie and take their popcorn home if they haven’t finished it. Plus, they can wash and reuse the Kernel Kover. This gives them a lasting, visual reminder of the positive experience they had at your movie theater.

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