Popcorn Lid FAQs

Kernel king bucket with lid
Answers to some of the most common popcorn lid queries.

Do customers like popcorn lids?

Moviegoers love popcorn lids! And why wouldn’t they? They’re so convenient. Popcorn lids allow you to add your own toppings and safely shake the bucket to distribute flavors evenly so every kernel tastes just the way you like it. Plus, you get to eat more popcorn because you drop less on the floor. And once you sit down, you can use the lid as a bowl to share with your companion.

Will popcorn bucket lids help my theater stay cleaner?

As a movie theater owner or operator, you likely know well that little (and even big) fingers easily drop lots of popcorn on the floor. That’s why one of the biggest jobs in a movie theater is cleaning up after the show is over. It takes time and money, and it’s hard to do the job thoroughly. The fact is, the less popcorn that spills, the easier it is on your cleaning staff. And our popcorn container lids help stop spilling. First, they cover the bucket, so errant kernels don’t fall to the floor when moviegoers head for their seats. Then, the domed popcorn lids act as a second container out of which to eat popcorn, so there are many fewer opportunities for reaching and dropping kernels.

Can popcorn bin lids save me money?

Our popcorn tub lids save you money because you won’t have to pay as many cleaning staff workers for as many hours, because there simply won’t be as much to clean. Plus, you will make more money because more customers will choose your movie theater over others that don’t use theater popcorn lids, and therefore don’t have popcorn that tastes as good as yours.

How are Kernel Kovers different from other movie popcorn lids?

You have likely seen popcorn covers before. They might be the economical cardboard kind that fit inside the bucket to help prevent spilling, or they might be the plastic or metal variety that snaps over the top of the type of container consumers buy at retail stores. But our popcorn bucket covers are different because they’re domed, not flat. This is critical because it gives moviegoers the space to shake the popcorn in order to better distribute the toppings. After all, even though our popcorn container covers are attractive and convenient, taste is the most important consideration.

Are your popcorn lids reusable or recyclable?

Yes, both. Many moviegoers enjoy the convenience of snapping the popcorn bin cover back on their bucket when they leave the theater in order to take home unfinished popcorn. They may want to snack on it later, or feed it to the birds the next day. While it would be hard to reuse the paper popcorn bucket, consumers can wash the lids in warm, soapy water and reuse them as containers. Or, they can just add toss the popcorn tub cover into the recycling bin. Either way, it reduces waste.

What are some other advantages to using popcorn lids?

When you use theater popcorn covers, your popcorn looks more appetizing. Presentation matters. Like a soft-serve ice cream cone or a blue slushie, seeing the product displayed in an attractive manner makes more people want to buy it. Seeing the delicious, buttery popcorn through the clear lid is definitely a way to help market your product for free. You’ll make more money through more sales and by saving on cleaning fees, and you can use that money to improve your movie theater or to offer exciting new products. Movie popcorn covers give you that flexibility.

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