We are receiving rave reviews on the Kernel King from our guests. Megaplex guests love our popcorn and we are delighted to offer them another unique feature that makes coming to Megaplex the ultimate movie going experience.Megaplex Theaters
Kernel Kings fulfill a long-unmet industry need. They make it extremely easy for customers to make their perfect popcorn mix, complete with just the right amount of flavoring and butter. They are perceived as a huge value add at a very reasonable cost. We anticipate that many customers who would have bought a smaller size will jump to the 170oz size due to the convenience of the lid.Tyler Walters Co-founder, Water Gardens Theatres
People like to ask for Kernel King popcorn lids to share popcorn; they also like to use them to shake up the butter. I get a lot of guests who say “I love the lids; I can take the popcorn home to enjoy!” From an internal standpoint it helps keep our lobbies cleaner, and helps with a sleek Grab and Go warmer case presentationJames Fitzgerald - Santikos Palladium
The Kernel King is quickly going to be a must with every popcorn bucket that we sell. It’s going to minimize messes and increase overall satisfaction by evenly distributing butter and flavors. The Kernel King will become just as much a staple product as the soda lid and straw for a drink.Eric Hansen - Water Gardens Theatres
My family and I go to the movies several times a month. We almost always buy a large popcorn to share. Often times it felt like a waste because the popcorn was so dry half way through. I tried to mix more butter in, but popcorn would fall out all over and make a huge mess. Since we’ve been using the Kernel King we have enjoyed our popcorn at the movies so much more! We can get the butter and salt evenly distributed on the popcorn without losing half of it. As an added bonus we can pour popcorn in the lid so the kids can have their own bowl. This product is genius! Jen @link
We own the Water Gardens Theatres chain. We serve over 500K customers a year. The majority buy popcorn. Your invention helps our customers mix their butter & seasoning in a convenient and clean way. It is a single process move to add the popcorn, seasoning, cover and shake. We love the Kernel King!Michael W Daniels - Water Gardens Theatres