My name is Bric Simpson. My family and I come from a humble background. I have served in the military for 15 years; we absolutely love this country, and our ability to work hard and follow our dreams.

The Kernel King started with a passion for popcorn. Our family loves going to the movies; in particular, we’ve always loved movie theater popcorn! To us there is nothing better than escaping into an alternate universe, getting wrapped up in an amazing cinematic story, all while enjoying our favorite snack. My beautiful wife had a habit of cooking up ingenious ways to flavor her popcorn. One day, she turned to me and simply said, “You know, this popcorn would be so much better if it had a lid!”

I knew she was onto something. I immediately jumped into action; I sketched my ideas out and held brainstorming sessions with close friends. That’s where our friend and co-Owner John came in– a highly successful entrepreneur with years of experience, he and his family became the hinge pin that made our product development and company launch possible.

Several designs, ideas, and late nights later, we created The Kernel King. Thanks to everyone’s hard work and dedication, we developed a superior design with its own unique benefits for theaters and movie-goers alike. We are so proud to be able to say that we, humble movie-goers ourselves, found a way to even further improve the world’s greatest snack-food.

Since the development of the Kernel King system, our dynamic team has cooked up other products dedicated to bettering movie theater popcorn and the movie-going experience. Our products are designed with love, from the minds of popcorn lovers FOR popcorn lovers everywhere.

If it weren’t for my wife, family, and all our friends who laughed at our silly names and gave us constructive feedback during our product development, this dream never would have come true. Thank you to all who gave us a chance– we love you!