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The Solution to Your Popcorn

What if there was no such thing as movie popcorn? What if long, winding concession lines were a thing of the past? What if all theater lobbies were organized, their carpets spotless? What if every auditorium only took mere minutes to clean?

It would still be a world without movie popcorn. And that’s no world we’d like to live in.

Popcorn certainly poses its fair share of problems, however. It takes time to prepare and flavor to a customer’s exact tastes, which leads to long lines, crowded lobbies, and frazzled customers late to their screenings. To add to the mess, modern popcorn containers dump a great deal of overflowing kernels on the floors of the theaters and lobby alike. Even though Americans can’t live without their movie popcorn, long lines and sticky floors definitely don’t promote more sales.

So what’s our solution?

Kernel king bucket with lid
Introducing The Kernel Kover

The Kernel Kover enables customers to experience their own hands-on, personalized popcorn flavoring process. The system supplies each popcorn container with a well-fitted plastic lid and a set of flavors to choose from. This simple system:

  • speeds up popcorn delivery
  • allows for more customer control
  • keeps popcorn overflow contained
  • simplifies popcorn sharing

The personalized flavoring system shortens concession lines overall and gives the customer more freedom and satisfaction. The “Kernel Kover” plastic lid keeps the popcorn contained and allows for easy, spill-free sharing once inside the theater. This makes enjoying the snack much simpler, and promotes cleaner lobbies and theaters. On top of all that, it’s a fun and exciting way to enjoy one’s popcorn– its advantages as a marketing differentiator alone are nothing to sneeze at!

This seemingly simple technology is completely changing the way popcorn is enjoyed by Americans. It’s the wave of the film-fanatic future!

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.”Oscar Wilde
popcorn bucket lid

A Kernel Kover for Easy Shaking and Sharing

Before the Kernel King popcorn lid, handling any popcorn seasoning beside the usual butter and salt was out of the question. Even the basic flavorings never spread well; melted butter only coats the top layer of popcorn and makes a mess of the outer container.

The Kernel Kover makes popcorn flavoring simple and thorough. The lid fits tightly onto all the preferred modern popcorn buckets; this enables rigorous shaking with no risk of a mess. Patrons can then share their special customized treat amongst themselves, using the sizable Kover as a bowl to conveniently pass between seats. It’s handy, lightweight, and a completely affordable add-on for the customer!