Popcorn Lids: It’s About Time

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“The Kernel King lid allows the theater guest to easily add popcorn seasonings to their large popcorn, and helps insure the toppings cover every piece of popcorn.”Adam Gottlieb
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The Kernel King enables customers to experience their own hands-on, personalized popcorn flavoring process. The system supplies each popcorn container with a well fitted plastic lid and the ability for the customer to season and flavor as desired.

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April 11-14 2016

Safer Sharing with Kernel King Popcorn Lids

There’s nothing like movie theater popcorn. Its warm, salty, freshly popped goodness entices moviegoers from all walks of life. How can you possibly improve on your customers’ snacking experience? With movie theater popcorn lids!

With ordinary popcorn buckets, butter and other flavors are added on top and are the first to get devoured, leaving moviegoers with half a bucket of dry, flavorless kernels.

Our ingenious Kernel Kover movie theater popcorn lids allow movie patrons to easily cover and shake their popcorn bucket in order to evenly distribute their tasty toppings!

Not only that but customers can use the lid to share the popcorn with companions once they sit down. Just pour and pass! It’s an easier and cleaner alternative to having four or five different hands all digging into one bucket.

Sturdy and functional, the movie theater popcorn lid is not only a convenience to move patrons, but also to theater staff, because it significantly cuts down on spills and messes.

Popcorn lids also provide movie-goers with a cleaner and more sanitary serving environment ensuring your theater meets current food service standards and new theater safety protocols.

3 Steps to Perfect Popcorn



Select a gourmet flavor– or, two.



Secure your Kernel Kover and
shake to your heart’s content.



Sit back, share your creation,
and enjoy the show.

Kernel Season’s is America’s number one brand of
popcorn seasoning.

It is available in over 15,000 stores nationwide including Walmart, Kroger, Target and Safeway. And you can still find us at over 3,000 theaters coast to coast. Want to catch a double feature?

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