Popcorn Lids: It’s About Time

kernel king bucket cover
“The Kernel King lid allows the theater guest to easily add popcorn seasonings to their large popcorn, and helps insure the toppings cover every piece of popcorn.”Adam Gottlieb
About Us

The Kernel King enables customers to experience their own hands-on, personalized popcorn flavoring process. The system supplies each popcorn container with a well fitted plastic lid and the ability for the customer to season and flavor as desired.

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April 11-14 2016

3 Steps to Perfect Popcorn



Select a gourmet flavor– or, two.



Secure your Kernel Kover and
shake to your heart’s content.



Sit back, share your creation,
and enjoy the show.

Kernel Season’s is America’s number one brand of
popcorn seasoning.

It is available in over 15,000 stores nationwide including Walmart, Kroger, Target and Safeway. And you can still find us at over 3,000 theaters coast to coast. Want to catch a double feature?

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